About Us

Profitable marketing and sales campaigns is the result of looking and working on what is most important. Using 80/20 we look at the steps to make a sale.

We work on all your marketing and sales with you. From the moment your future client becomes aware of your business, to making a purchase and referring other people. It is not one thing; it is everything in that journey that makes a difference.

The journey to “more money” starts at looking at your data. We can’t go forward if we do not know where we are. We work from this point onward and adjust the sails to reach your goals.

The aim is to help you develop a marketing and sales machine for your business. The biggest benefit is the consistency and predictability it brings to your business. Instead of worry, you have certainty (AND better sleep AND more time to do what you want).

Here are 3 reasons to work with us:

  • We come with real world experience from the trenches

  • Not just digital, but the whole marketing and sales process

  • Measurable revenue focused campaigns

Why not book a 30 minute review session and see if we can help you. This online session is free. I show you my digital marketing strategy development process (failing to plan is planning to fail). You need 4 key plans, specific digital marketing campaigns and a way to improve results. If we can’t help I will say so. If we can, we will work out some details.

Expert business growth


Contact Us: hello@marketingmachine.co.za

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