More leads is NOT the answer.
A Marketing Machine IS!

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Why a marketing machine? Marketing and sales is like a machine. You need tools and systems (the machine) and then you need an advertising budget (the petrol). If your machine is broken no amount of fuel will fix it; and if you have a machine but never add fuel it will not run! 

  • The top 3 goals of your marketing is creating a) awareness, b) building trust and c) generate leads. This takes the pressure off. If you MUST make this sale or face cash flow problems the desperation is carried on over. When you know there will be MORE leads soon you have a much more relaxed approach to every call and every prospect. 
  • With more leads you can also find out if the client is the right client. We have all had clients who were not a good fit. The more prospects you have the pickier you can be. A steady flow of leads is not just sales. It is also future business. A long term relationship. Ongoing business and referrals.  
  • Our approach is great for tangible goods and VERY specialized services. We have done very well finding sales leads for equipment, compressors, furnaces, first aid training, awnings, ducting, banners, bins, balustrades, decking, golf carts, signs, roofing, waterproofing, generators, uniforms, and a whole lot more.  
  • This works for HIGHER value transactions, products and some services where the first sale is worth a lot of money OR if there is long-term value in the relationship with the client. 
  • This is NOT for everyone: We are not a good choice if your business model is based on lots of low value sales.  
  • I help implement marketing and sales systems for you into your business. A client discovered R2,5 milion in the first week of implementation and closed R159,000 of deals in that same week! 
  • Most businesses do not have sales and marketing systems. There could be a pile of potential business you are not aware of. If you have a sales team this could be substantial.  

There is a better way ... Let's talk ... Our Guarantee: We will NOT take you on unless we can add value to your business!  

Thousands of sales leads generated ... I do not only look at ONE aspect of your business. It is a wider approach (digital is NOT the end game!).

It is having marketing and sales systems to support ALL your marketing and sales actions.

Yes, we have delivered thousands of sales leads to our clients so far and find more every day. We can probably find some for you. Tell us about the kind of customers you want and we will get back to you. We do some market research to ensure we can help get you.  

We cover the following key marketing and sales areas:

Lead Management Systems

Online Marketing

Sales and Marketing Ideas

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Weekly Reports

Hi, my name is Johan Mouton and I am excited to be your marketing guy! 

Johan Mouton

Johan Mouton: B.Com (Hons) Marketing - Growth Hacker

About me: I studied marketing at the University of Pretoria. Completed my Honors degree in Marketing. During this time I came in contact with the Internet. I started working at a computer company. That year was also my first website, wayback in 1999. Joined a bank for 5 years. The focus was on process improvement, implementing projects, and change management (at one stage this involved 1200 people). My approach is slanted towards marketing first and then technology, this has made all the difference. I focus on implementing digital marketing and sales tools, marketing automation, internet marketing, SEO, Adwords, Facebook marketing, social media, LinkedIn, lead generation, strategy development and getting more leads for clients. The goal is helping clients make more sales.

Ready to get started?

A branding and advertising agency can burn every cent to "brand your company". The measure is how many people have "seen" your brand. You can't measure a single sale from all the effort. We like to measure sales.  

Cold calling and networking is hard work and can be VERY time consuming. It might take years to get the right skills and grow confidence to do it well. Employees can see this as "getting out of the office time" and not NETWORK at all. Then you can use the internet - with ALL the noise that surrounds it.  

I personally only work with 15 clients per year. This is a 12-to-24 month programme.

My team: We have capacity for 20 clients where my team works on your growth plan.

There is a better way. Can we talk?